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February 13, 2022

NNT Elder Senior wins NA Magic Misadventures LoR Seasonal

Showcasing a wide variety of Legends of Runeterra decks in the Americas region Magic Misadventures Seasonal tournament, NNT Elder Senior claimed the title with two Bandle Tree builds and Darkness.

HDR Lazyguga tapped into the power and versatility of Bandle City, playing three copies of Bandle Tree with the regions Bilgewater, Freljord, and Noxus. The trio of LoR decks earned him a title match against NNT Elder Senior, playing two versions of Bandle Tree and the popular Ahri/Kennen Ablsover.

The Bandle City madness bucked the meta trends, with only the Noxus/Bandle City version showing tournament potential heading into the Seasonal playoffs today. Lazyguga teched his builds in a way to beat Darkness, Pantheon, and aggressive-based LoR decks.

Elder Senior kicked off the final best-of-three match against Lazyguga, earning a victory in game one with Darkness over Bandle City/Bilgewater. Lacking a Bandle Tree in game one, Lazyguga sniped Elder Senior's Bandle Tree with Aloof Travelers in a game two mirror match.

Screengrab via Riot Games

Bandle City/Bilgewater won over Bandle City/Noxus in game two, with game three featuring Bandle City/Freljord Bandle Tree from Lazyguga against Elder Senior on Bandle City/Noxus Bandle Tree. Hitting the Bandle Tree early while staying alive to trigger the five-cost Landmark, Elder Senior won the LoR Americas Magic Misadventures Seasonal tournament.

Winning the EMEA Magic Misadventures Seasonal tournament was SaltySimon over 05WTF, showcasing Kennen/Ahri, Akshan/Sivir/Darius, and Poppy. the next LoR expansion, A Curious Journeyis scheduled to release on Feb 16.

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