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July 12, 2022

OpTic Gaming repeat history, eliminate LOUD from Masters Copenhagen

Former Masters Reykjavík finalist LOUD are the second team to be eliminated at Masters Copenhagen.

Masters Reykjavík had incredible runs from both North America and Brazil as OpTic and LOUD made their way to the finals. Earlier on in the tournament, LOUD was able to defeat OpTic 2-1 in an intense back and forth series before OpTic were able to get their revenge in the final to win the title. Now losses early on in the tournament have brought the Masters Reykjavík finalist together again, this time to determine which would be going home on the second day of the event.

LOUD started the series hot with a 13-8 win on their map pick of Ascent that showcased OpTic's weaknesses. While the series was tied at the half, it was during the second stanza the LOUD took off, only allowing OpTic two rounds before closing things out. Erick “aspas” Santos' performance on Jett propelled the Brazilians to their early map victory. With 24 kills and only 10 deaths, the Jett with close to a 300 average combat score was running around Ascent demolishing OpTic.

Just like the last time these two teams faced off, OpTic walked away with a map win on their pick of Fracture, which has become a favorite of theirs recently. LOUD was able to get more rounds this time around to push it to another 13-8, unlike last time when Brazil was shut down 13-2 on the map. With a headshot percentage of 33 and an ACS of 314, Jimmy “Marved” Nguyen brought his time back into the series with his performance on Brimstone.

Tied at 1-1, there would be one more map to complete before one of the finalists would be sent home.

Split would be the deciding map of the series and saw LOUD take the early advantage and push OpTic to their limits. Even with a 7-5 start, both teams fought for control during the second half to force overtime and extend the lives of the Masters finalists.

LOUD was unable to hold onto their momentum from earlier on in the series and fell to OpTic 14-12 in overtime, exiting Masters Copenhagen.

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