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May 28, 2022

Paladin Class Slashes Its Way Into Elyon – GameSpace.com

Blue Hole Studios and Kakao Games have announced that Elyon received the new Paladin class earlier this week along with a beefy patch that brings bug fixes and feature enhancements into the game as well as several new features. Those who pre-registered ahead of the Paladin's launch have received an exclusive helmet, armor, and cloak for their shiny new Paladin.

Wielding a Sword and Shield, Paladins are melee fighters that use the Light attribute. With the power of their Auras, they can swap between a Support and a Tank role, adapting to whichever situation they find themselves in.

To celebrate the release of the Paladin class in Elyon, Twitch Drops will be taking place between now and June 6, with a host of valuable rewards to help players progress faster. Those viewing participating streamers will get the following rewards:

  • Daily (1hr): Hunting EXP Gain +300% Potion x2
  • 3 hours: [Account] Blessed Refined Weapon Enhance Stone x3
  • 5 hours: Armlet Enhance Stone x50
  • 7 hours: [Bind] Level 6 Runestone Selection Chest x1

Check out the Elyon official site for more information.

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