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July 18, 2022

PlayStation acquires esports tournament platform Repeat.gg

Playstation has acquired Repeat.gg, an esports tournament website, to further expand its global esports competitions.

Sony's focus on esports continues after its 2021 investment in becoming the co-owner of EVO, the premier fighting game tournament in the world. The company also hosts Playstation Tournaments, featuring over 30 games and taking place in more than 70 countries throughout the world.

“At PlayStation, our vision for esports has always been about breaking down barriers for gamers to compete at all levels,” Steven Roberts, vice president of global competitive gaming at Sony Interactive Entertainment, told GamesIndustry.biz. “Together with the talented Repeat.gg team, we're excited to explore more ways for players to engage in competitive gaming and expand the breadth of our esports offerings. This is just the start of our journey and we look forward to sharing more updates with our community in the future.”

In 2021, 50,000 players won more than $5 million in prizes throughout 8,000 competitions, according to GamesIndustry.

“Repeat.gg was designed to enable new tournament formats that are easy to enter and scalable to millions of players,” said Repeat.gg CEO Aaron Fletcher. “We're thrilled to join the PlayStation team and work together to enhance the variety of tournament experiences gamers can enjoy, regardless of their skill level.”

Repeat says it will continue to host games outside of the PlayStation platform, including titles on mobile, PC, and other consoles as well.

“This marks the most significant milestone in Repeat's history as we continue to reimagine esports and tournaments,” Repeat said. “We have been talking with SIE for some time now as we wanted to ensure that our vision and goals aligned. At Repeat, we have always focused on “Esports for Everyone.” We want to bring the thrill and rush of competition to every gamer, no matter your skill level."

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