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July 28, 2022

Stephen Curry will not be happy if the Warriors don't offer Draymond Green $138M extension

Four-time champion Draymond Green believes he deserves a 4-years $138.4M extension, something the warriors aren't willing to offer him.

Anyone familiar with the Golden State Warriors knows what a crucial piece Draymond Green serves on the roster. While he may not be the best option when it comes to scoring, the 6″6′ forward has several other facets to his game, making him an invaluable asset to the team.

Draymond has played all his 10-seasons with the Dubs, being a part of their championship core alongside the Splash Brothers. The Michigan native's ability to get Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson open looks to drill shots from beyond the arc only demonstrates his high basketball IQ.

Earlier this year, Golden State found themselves in trouble, with Dray suffering a lower back injury. The fast-flowing nature of their game was missing, exposing how important a piece Draymond was to Steve Kerr's puzzle. Entering the final year of his $99M contract, the former DPOY expects an extension.

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According to reports, the Warriors front office doesn't plan to offer Dray an extension, leading to him being paid $164.2M over the next 5-years.

Stephen Curry is reportedly not happy with the recent developments.

It's no secret that Steph Curry shares a special bond with Green, the two a lot of their success to each other. Both superstars have spent a decade playing together, winning multiple championships, making the Warriors a top franchise in the NBA.

The iconic duo is the perfect example of the basketball fundamental pick and roll. Thus it's no surprise that Curry would be upset with the organization if they lost Draymond due to monetary reasons.

NBA Twitter reacts to Draymond Green's demand for a max extension.

The warriors may now win without him, but Draymond's ask seems a stretch. However, one cannot deny it's a difficult call to make for Joe Lacob and Bob Myers.

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