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August 5, 2022

Super Mario 64 Becomes A First Person Horror Game

A guy gets a mysterious letter from his girlfriend, arrives at a castle to find her missing, and loads of rooms full of monsters...it's the setup to 1996's classic Super Mario 64sure, but it's also very much also a survival horror pitch, which is why this new fan-made project is such a perfect fit.

Via NintendoLifethis is Another Princess Is In Our Castle“a Super Mario 64 inspired horror experience”, where you “decide to come back to Peach's castle a few years after the princess' death, but something isn't quite right...”

While this looks like a first-person mod it's actually an entirely fan-made project from the ground up, designed with the perspective in mind, and while it's currently just a short playable demo, its creator Claudio Mondin hopes to eventually flesh it out into something more substantial.

Here's a trailer made by Mondin:

Another Princess is in our Castle - Super Mario 64 Horror Game Trailer

And here's some gameplay footage, showing how the main point is to sneak around the castle collecting items, all the while trying to avoid a Princess who is definitely not peachy:

Like Mondin says, it's pretty much just a demo, so don't go expecting too much out of it outside of some sneaking (and the very cool novelty of it). I'm going to play some more later today though just to see what the promised mystery really is though (hopefully the ghost is just upset that her cake turned out dogshit).

You can download the demo and play it yourself here. I don't want to hear anything about lawyers in the commentseither, just go and enjoy something cool that a fan made.

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