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February 16, 2022

SWTOR - Legacy of the Sith Launches

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15 February 2022, 19:45

After a slight delay, we've seen the release of Legacy of the Sith, the next expansion for Star Wars: The Old Republic.


Legacy of the Sith is now available. Additionally, a new cinematic trailer has been released fir SWTORtitled disorders. You can watch it below.

Original message

Today marks the debut of the new expansion for SWTOR - Legacy of the Sith. The expansion was originally scheduled to come out on the tenth anniversary of the game's release, but BioWare has moved the release date to February 15, this year. New and returning players will get plenty of fresh content.

What's new in Legacy of the Sith?

Players will have no time to get bored. Legacy of the Sith will introduce new features such as:

  • A new story on the water planet Manaan;
  • New Flashpoint - Elom;
  • The ability to level up characters to level 80;
  • Class changes that will give players more flexibility in gameplay styles;
  • Gearing up to level 80;
  • Updated interface and character maker;
  • Galactic Season 2, a streamlined season pass system.

And it's all subscription-based

The expansion will launch today starting at 10 am PT to all subscribers of SWTOR. F2P players must purchase a subscription, which will also automatically unlock access to all previous expansions. They will remain active even after canceling the subscription.

New Star Wars Adventure;  SWTOR - Legacy of the Sith Launches [UPDATED] - picture #1

The new expansion will offer plenty of engaging content. Soon you will have to choose between the light and dark side of the Force.

  1. Legacy of the Sith - official website

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