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August 7, 2022

T1's Zeus picks elusive top lane Zac in week 8 win over Nongshim

zac, League of Legends' resident green blob, saw a rare selection in the top lane in competitive play earlier today when the champion was picked by T1 top laner Zeus in a win over Nongshim RedForce. The game marked just the second time in the last two years that Zac had been picked as a top laner in a major region, and the first time the champion was picked in Korea in over eight seasons.

Although Zac has been picked by top laners around the world more recently, Zeus' Zac pick today was the first time the champion saw action in the top lane in Korea since 2014. When he was selected by Samsung Ozone top laner Looper in a loss to SK Telecom T1 during the second game of the 2014 OGN Winter Finals.

Today, Zeus posted a 2/5/10 score line with Zac. He picked the champion in the decisive third game of today's best-of-three series, effectively helping to keep T1 in second place, just one match behind Gen.G for first place in the LCK. This wasn't the first time T1 picked Zac in an off-role this season. Earlier this year, Zeus' teammate Keria selected Zac as a support in a major region for only the third time in history.

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Zac has largely seen most of his top lane play in Europe's LEC. Dating back to 2020, six of Zac's last eight top lane selections have come in the European league, according to league stats site Games of Legends. The most recent came earlier this year by Rogue top laner Odoamne, who picked the champion in a win over SK Gaming.

Throughout League of Legends' history, Zac has primarily served as a jungler. Although he saw his fair share of top lane picks during the 2013 season immediately following his release, he's been a jungler throughout most of his tenure on the league roster. Zac has been picked as a jungler in over 93 percent of the professional games in which he's appeared, according to Games of Legends.

Zeus and T1 will return to the LCK stage next week when they look to regain control of first place against two playoff contenders in Liiv SANDBOX and DWG KIA.

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