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June 1, 2022

TFT Set 7 PBE patch balances final changes during testing

The final big Teamfight Tactics Set Seven PBE patch prior to the branch cut was released today, hitting more bug fixes while balancing traits, augments, and champions.

A smaller, yet significant PBE patch for TFT Set Seven will go live today shortly after 3pm CT. The update is the last one prior to the branch cut which testers will be playing on for the remainder of the week. Multiple Dragon Lands Champions getting used as primary carriers were hit with nerfs in today's patch, along with traits like Mirage, Dragon, and Whispers. And today's PBE update contained the largest number of Set Seven Draconic Augment balance changes made to date.

the TFT team will continue to gather data throughout the remainder of the week for final changes heading into the official release of Dragonlands on June 8, according to game design director Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer. Final changes are likely to be revealed early next week within the 12.11 patch notes.

Philosophers Stone has been officially removed as a possible Shimmerscale trait item and it is unknown if the TFT team has plans to bring it back at a later date. The Nomads Draconic Augment was temporarily removed in today's Set Seven PBE patch, along with Twilight Umbrage. And a large number of bug fixes attached to Neeko were resolved, from stat calculations to properly transforming.

Important Set Seven champion balance changes include another mana nerf to Ao Shin (0/200) while the spell damage of Aurelion Sol was buffed at one and two-star. Bonus health for Volibear will no longer scale with ability power, and Swain was slightly nerfed at all three stars. Anivia will deal damage every one second as opposed to half second and Illaoi was hit with nerfs across the board.

Players can continue to test the Dragon Lands set via PBE leading up to the official release of TFT Set Seven on June 8.

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