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August 27, 2022

Threesium: Clan Elysium win their third World First race in a row with Destiny 2 King's Fall triumph

In a world-wide race to claim the title of first team to defeat the new and improved version of the King's Fall raid in destiny 2, one clan stood above the rest. And it was a very familiar name for any destiny fan that's paid attention to the game's most recent races for World First.

Clan Elysium secured the destiny 2 King's Fall World First today. The accomplishment was their third World First in a row, beginning in May of 2021 with the Vault of Glass raid, and continued in May of this year in the Vow of the Disciple race for World First.

The team of Cruz, Kyros, VileFate, Moople, Quazz, and Saltagreppo managed to beat the raid after just over five hours. Originally a raid from the original destiny game, the destiny 2 version of the raid altered some moments in between the major boss battles, and it required teams to complete the raid twice. The first time, the King's Fall raid was completed in Contest mode, and after that first version of the raid was completed, Challenge mode would unlock for players. This Challenge mode included the Regicide Triumph, which required players to not only complete the raid, but also meet secret success conditions, or else the team would automatically wipe simultaneously, setting their progress back.

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While the race initially stalled out when several teams reached the Challenge mode portion of the raid, Clan Elysium eventually stormed ahead, clearing the Golgoroth challenge that initially held them up in the Contest mode run of their raid. The team blazed through the Daughters of Oryx, before finally taking down Oryx, the Taken King himself. Only one or two other teams that were streaming the event appeared to even reach the final encounter in Challenge mode before Clan Elysium had already finished.

Bungie officially confirmed Clan Elysium and their three-peat on the destiny 2 Twitter account, congratulating the team on their performance.

With the win firmly cementing Clan Elysium as the premier raid team in destiny 2many players and viewers will look forward to the much-anticipated Lightfall update in 2023 for the next major challenge that destiny 2 hurls at its players.

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