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August 17, 2022

Thymesia First Reviews on Metacritic

Thymesia is a game for which many a soulslike fans was probably rubbing their hands in glee. It was certain that the title would be compared, among others, to Bloodbornewhich in itself is a good advertisement, but it turns out Thymesia is average at best and will not be a groundbreaking game. At least, that's what the first critic reviews suggest.

Metacritic has seen the first comments on Thymesia. They show that the game is only good - a pity, because it promised to be a production with much greater potential. Critics praised the pleasant combat system, visuals and atmosphere, but in their opinion the storyline is a bit lacking. Other than that Thymesia doesn't stand out much from other titles inspired by FromSoftware games. The average score of the PC version is 70 points.

"Thymesia probably won't "knock you out of your slippers" if you're a Souls fan," wrote Checkpoint Gaming.

"Some sections of Thymesia contain a spark of something greater, a hint of unrealized potential that was sorely lacking in this game," reports Screen Rant.

"If you are able to tolerate the lack of enemy variety and the same level design, then Thymesia may appeal to you," concludes KeenGamer.

Thymesia want launched on August 18 and then everyone will be able to see for themselves how good this game really is (or isn't). In addition to PC, the game will also be available on PS5, XSX/S and Nintendo Switch..

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