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July 1, 2022

Top 5 Pinoy Developed Games Worth Playing – GameSpace.com

Video games in the Philippines have grown outrageously to some of the best entertainment worldwide. For many Filipinos, the industry doesn't seem to be performing. When in fact, the industry has earned millions within 12 years of expertise experience. This is all thanks to the proficient developers the country has established to build an impressive selection of games.

Filipino game developers are, without any doubt, as good as other top developers. Even though they cannot boast of providing bigger entertainment like Nintendo, Filipino players can still enjoy excellent pastimes. The same goes for online casino games Philippineswhere Philippine gamblers can play in a reliable casino for real money.

If you are ready to play some of the best Pinoy online games out there today, you've found the proper review. As this review will be listing 5 of the top video games for Filipinos, it will also describe every detail that makes each of them a good recreation outlet. Without further ado, here are five games every Filipino player might want to check out;

Anito: Defend A Land Enraged

Anito is one of the oldest games in the industry. Without Anito, there is no discussion about entertainment in the Philippines. This software is a PC-supported entertainment with a high-class performance from Anino Playlab. At that time, Anino Playlab was still Anino Games, where the company designed Anito in late November 2003.

In display form, Anito is a 16th-century design, inspiring the Island of Maroka's story. The disappearance of the local Datu led his children, Agila and Maya, to fight and stop their tribe from being eliminated. It presents a series of terrific designs from creative animations. If you are ready to enjoy ancient techniques from Filipino video games, you should check this one out.

Project Xandata


Project Xandata is another Pinoy-Developed video entertainment software that is filled with pure thrills. This pastime has long been available since 2016. Project Xandata hosts a 3vs3 online FPS multiplayer shooting entertainment. It is packed with extreme sci-fi moments and strict gunplay settings with a touch of thrills like Call of Duty. In this game, you need a high level of skill to compete with other people.

If you're still wondering, the Secret 6 Gaming Company developed Project Xandata. The company started as a support studio, helping other companies develop Triple-A video games until 2016. During that time, Secret 6 designed their first game without affiliation with other developers. As the development of Project Xandata is still advancing, Filipino players get the chance to shoot and kill for fun.

Karanduun: Make God Bleed

If you have once enjoyed playing Dungeons and Dragons, Karanduun is another exciting entertainment software you might want to try. With the exact twist and plot from Dungeons and Dragons, players will find Karanduun explorable. An interesting view from this Pinoy adventure is the classic inspiration of authenticity through real-life graphics.

Like Anito, Karenduun depicts RPG features with smooth performances from Philippine mythological appearances. Players will embark on a battle journey with their friends to doom an evil Lord and take the title of Karanduun. In defeating this evil Lord, players will be designed with super godly powers, which makes them a target for the evil Lord.

Nightfall: Escape

Nightfall is the first horror-themed online video game in the Philippines. It was designed by Zeenoh Games, known for some of the most famous online games in the Philippines. This pastime inspires the story of a journalist investigating a case concerned with an abandoned building. The reports of missing people in the northern side of the Philippines will lead the journalist to gather information to investigate the matter.

If you are ready to try this entertainment outlet, Steam is prepared to give you access. Nightfall has received numerous reviews that classify it as a top Pinoy-Developed software. Besides, it is not new that this game would cost players real money to buy. Nevertheless, Zeenoh's Nightfall Escape is one of the most impressive Filipino games online.

Flippy Bottle Extreme!

Lastly, there is Flippy Bottle Extreme! As simple and boring as it might sound, Flippy Bottle Extreme! It is naturally entertaining. Players will need to flip a bottle and try to make it land upright to win and advance to a more exciting play mode. MostPlayed Inc. developed Flippy Bottle Extreme to satisfy every Filipino looking for something calm and entertaining at the same time.

This mobile game is packed with incredible thrills as players try to flip bottles and other objects and make them land in different positions. More excitingly, only a few mobile games like Flippy Bottle Extreme are unique. MostPlayed Inc. is known for creating some of the best gaming materials, and Flippy Bottle Extreme isn't an exception to their world-class designs.


Online video games have indeed gained the right audience in the Philippines, ready to please many more Filipino players. Top Pinoy gaming developers have worked diligently to gather their best works. Yet, many players still find it challenging to locate these entertainment opportunities.

Say no more! After looking at the struggles of many Filipinos, we presented this review. The review clearly stated 5 top Pinoy-Developed games available for players. Choose from the recommended options in this overview and start enjoying the best thrills from top Philippine developers.

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