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September 23, 2022

Tower of Fantasy Vera Story Trailer Released

Level Infinite and Hotta Studio released its latest trailer for the upcoming Tower of Fantasy Vera expansion DLC, this time giving fans a sneak peak of the story that Version 2.0 will have in store.

For fans of the free-to-play, gacha MMORPG, here's a breakdown of the latest look at the Tower of Fantasy Vera expansion.

To further immerse players in the new region of the game, as well as its accompanying hub city Mirroria, the 2-minute trailer is narrated by a native of Vera.

Almost right away, the narrator explains how Vera doesn't feature the mountains, oceans, glaciers and snowfields that players perhaps have been accustomed to thus far.

Instead, Vera is mostly made up of its "bare desert" and "endless desolation."

About midway through the cinematic, the trailer gives a glimpse at Vera's untamed threat, Abyssants — "nightmares that emerged from the Gray Abyss."

Abyssants have seemingly taken away the hopes of a peaceful future for the residents of Vera, engaging in a battle with no end in sight.

As such, it appears it will be up to the narrator and players to continue the fight for the "sacrifices that are no longer remembered" and finally bring an end to the "unfinished mission."

The Version 2.0 Vera expansion is said to be coming to Tower of Fantasy in late fall.

Tower of Fantasy is available now on personal computer, iOS other Android.

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