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June 20, 2022

TSM India reveals Shadow is being poached

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TSM India, the fact of Team Solomid that operates mobile esports rosters in India, has revealed that Shadow, the key player and IGL of TSM's BGMI roster is being poached or tampered by an unnamed organization. The official handle of TSM India revealed this information after Shadow was missing from TSM's active roster in third-party tournaments like TEC BGMI Invitational.

After BMPS S1 came to an end, many teams have started to reform their roster and as a result, top organizations have been trying out different players in unofficial tournaments. Most of these new players have been playing under the nickname of “tryout” or “trial” so as to not reveal their real identity and a similar thing is currently seen in TSM, GodLike and Marcos Gaming.

TSM was seen playing with their regular roster but Shadow, their in-game leader, was replaced by a new entity called as “TSM Tryout”. It is rumored that Shadow is playing from a different team and it has been confirmed by TSM India's official Instagram handle.

As per the snippet above, Shadow seems to be an open agent for the upcoming BGMI LAN event as TSM has mentioned that they have “offered to get a loan agreement” that will allow Shadow to play in the LAN tournament.

Shadow is still seemingly not allowed to leave the organization as TSM has specifically mentioned that “Shadow is still contracted to TSM” and despite this, an unnamed organization has “registered Shadow” as their own player without the former's consent.

TSM has taken this issue to the officials as Krafton will be involved in this investigation of alleged poaching of Shadow from TSM. They are currently awaiting the response from officials and a verdict is expected in a short time.

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