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June 2, 2022

Two nations have already outlawed Diablo Immortal

Because to loot box rules, Belgium and the Netherlands will not be participating in the international launch of Diablo Immortal.

Diablo Immortal will be released on PC and mobile devices on Thursday, June 2, but local gambling rules prevent the use of treasure boxes. Both nations were initially allowed to pre-load the game, however the feature was suddenly withdrawn a few days later, along with the announcement that the game will not be released in either country.

A Blizzard Gamemaster confirmed the news on Diablo Immortal's subreddit (opens in new tab). He cited “the current operating conditions in certain countries,” which Activision Blizzard later confirmed.

Loot boxes in the game are illegal in your country, thus the game will not be launched in the Netherlands and Belgium until gambling rules change. Gronnfindel goes on to say that trying to circumvent this limitation may result in a Blizzard account ban.

for_the_people_wondering_about_belgium_the from r/DiabloImmortal

A similar situation has occurred before

Activision Blizzard has a history of altering plans in Belgium. Loot boxes were banned in Belgium by the Belgian Gaming Commission in 2018 because they violated the country's gambling rules, according to the publisher.

Not just Activision Blizzard has run into issues with Belgian laws. FIFA Ultimate Team's inclusion of gambling elements led to a legal battle in the Netherlands. European Aviation Authority (EA) successfully challenged and reversed the Court of The Hague's €10 million (£10.7 million / £8.5 million / $14.9 million AUD) fine in March.

In contrast to other corporations, Blizzard is hesitant to compromise on this issue by disabling in-game microtransaction functionality. I don't know whether that will alter in the future as things are. Diablo Immortal seems to offer much more than simply Diablo 3 on mobile, thus this is unquestionably upsetting news for fans of the franchise in any region.

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