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August 7, 2022

Udyr Rework Revealed

After over a year, the Udyr rework has finally been revealed. He is everyone's favorite shaman that used to just run at a player and strike fear into their heart. It seems as though he may do the same, but a bit different and in a much more fun and interesting way. Here is what was seen in the Udyr Rework Reveal trailer.

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When Udyr was chosen for the reworks, he was one of the least played champions in the game. This was due to his kit being out of date and nothing seemingly was able to help him reach his targets with regularity. Then with the reworked items came Turbo Chemtank. This item instantly shot Udyr up to being one of the most desirable champions in the jungle. Not only was this in solo queue but also in pro play.

Since then Udyr has become a bit of a pocket pick or just a pick for certain situations. Watch the trailer below and see why this may no longer be the case.

As one of the oldest champions in the game, it was clearly time for Udyr to level up. While there have been small changes before, this one looks like a major one.

All of his forms also seem to be staying, just not in the exact way they were before. They all look to be more related to the major gods of the Freiljord, which was a design choice. Little did players realize that even the abilities would actually be similar to the champions they are modeled after.

Either way, the Udyr Rework release date will be coming soon so make sure to stay vigilant for its release.

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