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August 20, 2022

VALORANT Champions 2022 Bundle Revealed

The end of the VALORANT esports season is coming to a close. With VALORANT Champions 2022 on its way, fans will be gearing up to see the best of the best battle it out. Teams from all around the world will be fighting to win VALORANT Champions. As with last year, the VALORANT Dev Team will be celebrating this with special skins. Here's a look at the VALORANT Champions 2022 Skin Bundle.

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The VALORANT Skin team are constantly putting out great skins, this is another case of that. Fans will certainly like having a Champions Phantom skin but the Butterfly Knife will likely be the main reason people buy this bundle.

Since the Butterfly Knife was added in CSGO many years ago, players have been trying to get one in their collection. Whether this was in the different boxes one could buy or at the time, on a certain type of black market. Players have always been obsessed with getting the best and newest knives in these types of games.

VALORANT Champions 2022 Bundle
VALORANT Champions 2022 Bundle

Luckily for VALORANT players, they can just straight up buy their Butterfly Knife without having to hope the RNG gods were in their favor. This bundle will not be cheap but it will show support for the Esports side of things. Or at least it will get them a brand new Butterfly Knife to show off to their friends.

This bundle will be coming soon as VALORANT Champions 2022 will be starting on September 2, just a few weeks away from the initial publishing of this article.

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