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July 2, 2022

VALORANT Oceania Championships 2022 - Where to Watch and Who's Competing

The 2022 VALORANT Oceania Tour is reaching its exciting finale starting on July 6. The top six teams from Oceania will compete to be the regional champions. Then, the winning team will have to compete with the best of the SEA and South Asia regions for the last remaining APAC slot at Champions in Istanbul.

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The competition


ORDER is currently the top team in the OCE region. They boast an 87% win rate and tied for 9-12 place in the previous Challengers 2022 event.


Despite their poorly drawn mascot, BOBO is second in their region. Their coaches, Noah “Senpai” Takeuchi and Alexander “Sword” Szymkiewicz, are from Japan and Canada, respectively. The rest of the team salutes from New Zealand.


fun crew


Honey Badger


Wednesday 6 July – Game 1 6:30PM AEST (4:30AM EST) & Game 2 8:30PM AEST (6:30AM EST)

Thursday 7 July – Game 3 6:30PM AEST (4:30AM EST) & Game 4 8:30PM AEST (6:30AM EST)

Friday 8 July – Semi Finals 6:30PM AEST (4:30AM EST) & Game 6 8:30PM AEST (6:30AM EST)

Saturday 9 July – Lower Semi Finals 3:30PM AEST (1:30AM EST)

Sunday 10 July – Grand Finals 3:30PM AEST (1:30AM EST)

where to watch

Letsplay.live has been named as the exclusive broadcast partner by Riot Games for the 2022 VALORANT Oceania Tour. The matches will be streamed on their Twitter. Letsplay has not yet announced the broadcasting talent.


The 2022 VALORANT Oceania Tour will be a six-team double-elimination format. Seeds five and six will be placed into the lower bracket for round one. All matches are best of three, and Grand Finals will be best of five.

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