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June 24, 2022

VALORANT player finds useful plant location on A site on Pearl

A VALORANT player has found a way to plant the Spike just outside of A site on Pearl, creating a useful plant spot that can confuse the enemy.

Picking the right spot to plant the Spike in VALORANT is a crucial choice. You need to make sure it's a spot that can be covered without forcing your team to be exposed or that it doesn't give the attackers retaking the site an advantage. Some locations are perfect for post-plant ability line-ups, while others are cheeky and tough to counter.

VALORANT player Independent-You-1789 has already found a good plant spot on Pearl's A site that allows players to plant the Spike just outside the site. Players must line themselves up in the corner towards A Secret, and if done correctly, the Spike will be planted on the stairs leading out of the area.

Players can use other abilities to cover the Spike and make it harder for attackers to defuse it. For example, Sage's wall can protect the Spike from the rest of the site, forcing attackers to wrap through A Secret or destroy the wall. Some players will also be confused when they can't find the Spike, buying precious time that can make the difference in a close game.

This plant location does require players to find a specific spot, which can be challenging when the timer is ticking or enemies are rotating from B. But mastering the position can help your team get the Spike down in a good location and provide an advantage.

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