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June 2, 2022

Where To Find All Collectibles In The Isle Of Eternity In Kao The Kangaroo

The Isle Of Eternity is Kao The Kangaroo's final hub world. Unlike with the Hungry Jungle or the Frozen Mountains, you will encounter this hub stage after having completed the first stage (The Sparkling Funfair). Unlike any of the other hub worlds in this game, The Isle Of Eternity's collectibles are all bunched together. However, there is a little more platforming than was required in any of the other hub worlds.

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You will be swinging across giant gaps, hopping between a variety of floating islands, and trying to platform around treacherously placed crabs in The Isle Of Eternity. However, fear not, we will help guide you through all these obstacles in this guide.


Step-By-Step Collectible Guide

crystals 7
scrolls 1
runes 2
Treasure Chests 2
Extra lives 0
Health power ups 0

You will begin the stage in front of the level gate for The Sparkling Funfair (which makes sense). Take a right and circle the tent. The first crystal (1/7) will be floating back behind the tent. Once you grab the crystal stop and look to your right. You will find a treasure chest wedged in the back corner here. After you get the treasure chest, continue to circle the tent again, following the trail of coins.

Now, once you have reached the end of the line, look to your left, you should see a crystal (2/7) hovering above the gap and a floating island off in the distance. There is also a grappling point hovering above that crystal. Jump toward the crystal and press the grappling hook button once you are in line with it. Swing across the gap, grab the crystal as you do, and you will end up on a little floating island with a boomerang totem.

Once you have arrived at the floating island, you will be greeted by this stage's first rune (1/2). Now, you will probably notice that another crystal (3/7) is sitting nearby on a tiny, floating island. Jump over and grab it, then jump back again. Grab a boomerang and use it to hit the nearby dark crystal hovering in the void. Quickly platform over to the other floating island. From here, you will see yet another crystal (4/7) hovering on yet another tiny island. However, you may notice that his one has a crab sitting on it.

There is a trick to this one. The crab sitting under the crystal is actually a somewhat treacherous obstacle; if you try to jump directly on top of it you will be deflected off to the side and likely end up plunging to your doom. The trick is you want to grab the ledge instead. Hopping up next to the crab will be effortless once you have grabbed onto the ledge. Once you have grabbed the crystal, hop back over to the island you were on previously and jump on the nearby trampoline: it will send you back to where you started the level.

If you try to jump onto the island with the crab, and you end up getting bounced off of it (and fall to your doom), you will have to collect every single crystal you have obtained up to this point again. Exercise caution!

Now, travel past the Eternal Well hub and continue on until you reach the section with the overhead net. There are three crystals (5/7, 6/7, and 7/7) to claim in this section! They will all hover around you, traveling erratically, but since there are no dangers present here you will have all the time in the world to line yourself up with their flight path. Though they appear to be traveling randomly, they are on a looping pattern, so just hanging around where you saw one fly by will inevitably lead to you grabbing it.

Once you get to the other side you will be right next to this stage's scroll (1/1). Grab it and head to the tracks that take you across the bridge. This will take you to the main part of the stage. Just keep heading straight, and you will end up at another set of tracks. Keep following these tracks as they spiral downward to your right.

When you see a floating island off to your left that has coins on it hop up to it Then hop up to another island above that one. You will find this stage's second treasure chest up here.

Hop back down to where you were prior to taking this diversion and continue following that path. It will lead you to the second rune (2/2) found on this stage sitting close to the level gate for the Crystal Caves stage. With that, you will have found every collectible in this stage.

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Where To Find The Runes

rune 1 The rune found on the floating island This rune is found on the island behind the Sparkly Funfair tent.
rune 2 The rune near the Crystal Caverns This rune is located near the Crystal Caverns level gate.

Where To Find The Crystals

Scroll 1 The Isle Of Eternity's Scroll This scroll is hanging out by the plane that will take you to the previous worlds.

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