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July 27, 2022

XSET inks deal with world-renowned tattoo artist Ganga

Esports and gaming organizations have made considerable strides over the past few years in signing people to their organizations that aren't typically thought of as “gamers.” From Just Chatting streamers to chess players and influential athletes, esports teams are intent on stretching their brands beyond computer screens.

XSET is continuing that trend with the announcement it had signed famous tattoo artist Joaquin Ganga to its roster. Ganga is a Spanish tattoo artist who has worked on several superstars in both sports and music, including LeBron James, Drake, Post Malone, and Canelo Álvarez. He also has studios and tattoo academies located both in his native Spain, as well as Los Angeles.

In a press release, XSET chief innovation officer Lonnie Anthony said Ganga “embodies the crossover between the different verticals that XSET represents (art, gaming, music, fashion, and sports).” The comments echoed the current push in esports organizations to move past gaming and move further into the broader popular culture, just as gaming itself has done over the past several years.

Ganga noted his excitement for the XSET partnership, saying that it is “the one esports organization” that's sought to bring together art and gaming communities, including tattooing.

XSET also announced the team plans on building gaming lounges in Ganga's studio locations, both in California and Spain. These lounges will be the first of several related partnerships between the artist and the org, which will involve “various forms of content,” according to XSET.

The first form of this partnership will take is a Ganga x XSET custom skin for Xbox consoles featuring some of Ganga's artwork. The skin is the first in a series of merchandise collaborations between artist and organization, all of which will be available on XSET's website.

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