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June 18, 2022

Yo Ho Ho Grab Some Treasure As Ninjala Season 10 Goes Live – GameSpace.com

Ninjas can now jump into a whole new season of bubble gum action. Ninjala's 10th season is now live and there's free loot on offer.

Ninjala, the cartoon brawler that's featured crossovers ranging from Sonic to Kyary Pamyu Pamyu and Demon Slayer, is sailing to very different waters for season 10. Online now and waiting for players to jump in and get brawling, this competitive caper will play host to a pirate theme for the current season. There's something to chew on!

The new season of Ninjala will feature a host of hidden treasures between now and 28 September. While the game's second anniversary ticks over, competitors will be able to grab pirate-themed outfits, take part in an entirely new Featured Battle, and utilize a powerful new Shinobi card. That's not all either. Anybody logging in will find native in game voice chat. No more connecting discord for additional apps. Simply plug a headset in and get chatting to your friends and teammates in game. You'll be able to use this new tool across bases, the visual lobby, when waiting for battle, and during matches too. You can find out more about the new feature and how to use it in a dedicated blog post on the Ninjala website.

This means you'll also be able to give directions and support during the new one on one brawl. Called Man to Man Brawl, this new game mode is the perfect opportunity to utilize your best moves or maybe we will even get to play the latest Shinobi card. The Berserker helps players channel their inner warrior to unlock max S-Energy for every KO, but at the expense of drone damage.

Free loot

While there are discoveries to be made in the field of Ninja Gum Research, tons of activities, and a weekly Shinobi Challenge, really you'll want to log in for the free loot. Ninjala is offering 500 Jala and a Ninjala Pass Mini for free if they log in between now and June 30. The Shinobi Shop is also having a 30% off sale for all players during this time. There's tons to do in Season 10. For those that have never tried this free to play arena brawler, this might be a perfect time to pick up your Nintendo Switch and try out this colorful competition. Players from across the globe are already busy picking characters and chewing on bubble gum to activate powerful Ninja skills and abilities. If you like a bit of platoon in the afternoon this is definitely for you.

Find out more about Ninjala Season 10 and the x2nd anniversary celebrations over on the official website now.

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