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June 10, 2022

Zenless Zone Zero Shows Off Dynamic Action Combat – GameSpace.com

Zenless Zone Zero, a flashy new urban action adventure from the team behind Genshin Imapct, just dropped a stunning new combat trailer during the Summer Game Fest livestream.

If ethereal backdrops, grand landscapes, and high fantasy aren't really your thing then upcoming anime inspired urbanite adventure Zenless Zone Zero might be more to your liking. Developed by HoYoverse, a part of the instantly recognizable miHoYo studio, this highly stylized new adventure dropped a fleeting look at in game combat and some of the abilities that our upcoming heroes will wild as they defend the city of New Eridu.

While the rest of us have only to worry about the odd misbehaving miscreant down the street, the citizens of this near future dystopia must live alongside breaches in reality, called hollows. These localized disturbances can be mined for Ether, but it takes a special kind of person to tackle the dangers that await. Playing as one of these Proxies, players will enter rifts to hunt creatures called Ethereals, and that's where the trailer takes off. Showcasing the combat capabilities of katana wielding kitsune, wolfmen, and more the new trailer definitely suggests that we can expect fluid free form action combat.

With stylized anime backdrops, what could be instanced adventures, a synth wave soundtrack with plenty of bass, and a fluid combat style we're seeing hints of Genshin Impact with a sprinkle of Soulworker too. If you've been waiting for more news since the initial announcement then check out the official site, for more details on what awaits.

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